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The Minis: Sold!

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GEM Corona - ***SOLD***
(DPDL Lord Greystone x PVL Chilean Danica)
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 03/23/2020

Born at the height of the pandemic, the kids chose to name her Corona. We call her "Rona" as a nickname, which sounds a little sweeter. She appears to have suri fiber just like her momma. Growing nicely, and well bonded with her cria - mates!

GEM Goldilocks - ***SOLD***
(DPDL Lord Greystone x BLLF Ashly)
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 05/20/19

Born in 2019, this little one had a rough start in life. She was born early & couldn't stand without help. it took us a week, but with lots of TLC, we were able to stand her & allow her to nurse from her momma. We did this 24/7 for a full week & Ashly was so calm in allowing us to maneuver Goldilocks to get to the milk bar. After a week, she gained enough strength to manage on her & it wasn't long before she was running along the other little ones.

PVL Chilean Danica - ***SOLD***
(Unknown Bandit X Indian Ink)
ILR# 268311 Birthdate: 7/7/06

This female was added to our herd to expand our suri options. She has extreme suri fiber and is a proven mom with lots of milk. This fall she's given us a beautiful female appaloosa cria out of PVL Phoenix. She gave us an unexpected female cria in March that the kids have dubbed - Corona!

GEM Sugar Plum - ***SOLD***
GEM Sweet Pea X Lord Greystone
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 05/21/18

How excited we were when this little one arrived! And now she's 2 years old already. Sweet, beautiful & colorful. We love the blaze on her face. Soon to be ready for breeding & will carry on both her dams' & great dams' ability to produce healthy offspring & loads of milk.

GEM Jack Jack - ***SOLD***
(Rorschach x DPDL Brenda)
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 06/22/18

This guy has personality plus! Super friendly to all & has been since birth! He has a bit of Argentine blood in him, and is staying super small, which is perfect for us. We love you Jack, Jack!

Gio's Bambini - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Giovanni x GEM Hermoine)
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 10/3/12

A miracle birth by Hermoine, who had a serious bout of meningeal worm in February. We successfully saved her & thus-her beautiful female cria as well. Approx. 20# at birth, this cria is compact, energetic and full of vim & vigor. Hermoine, though she will always have a limp, was able to deliver her easily and has loads of milk. Bambini's is excellent:beautiful ears, legs and a nice straight back, as this picture shows. She will likely be in the county 4-H program next summer.

GEM Cassiopeia - ***SOLD***
(PVL Chilean Danica x PVL Phoenix)
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 8/25/10

Here is a beautiful female out of Danica with suri fiber just like her father Phoenix. Born with a few spots of color and excellent conformation. We hope to show this girl in 2013.

Argentine Silvana - ***SOLD***
Argentine Giovanni x Argentine Cha Cha Cha
ILR# Pending DOB 5-18-2013

Argentine Silvana had a rough start in life. Born on a 99 degree day, she also had a front leg bent back during delivery. Because this resulted in trouble standing & nursing, she & her mamma spent the first few days of her life at the U of M Vet Hospital. After some plasma transfusion & PT for her leg, she & Cha Cha Cha returned home a few days later strong as ever. Her leg straightened out on its own & she has been growing like a weed ever since! Her fiber favors her sire, crimpy and fine. We were very pleased our first full argentine cria was a girl!

GEM Hermoine - ***SOLD***
(Stage Stop Ebony and Ivory X Chilean Spanish Lace)
ILR# 280181 Birthdate: 6/14/09

Finally, a girl! And we have a beautiful one-a paint! 16# & full of energy. We were present for the birth event on a sunny afternoon. This little one always stays close to the other crias we’ve had this year. You can find them busy playing most anytime of the day, chasing & creating havoc with the others that are soon to be Moms, as most are due in early fall. Anyway-this one is a crowd pleaser, with great looks, color and conformation. We're looking forward to Hermoine's crias. Check out her first cria Bambini!

Geisha’s Peaches - ***SOLD***
(Harmony’s Favorite Son X G.L.L. Geisha)
ILR# 234571 Birthdate: 7/1/98

Peaches joined our herd late in the fall along with a nice male cria @ her side. She is 37 & ¾ inches & soon to be registered in AMLA. She has some older bloodlines with Dr. Doolittle on both the dam & sire’s side. She had a cria on January 23rd, 2013 by Arg. Giovanni! She is such a good Mom, she found the warmest section os the barn & he arrived safe & sound on a 16 degree day. She has nice size, fiber & coloring too! She will be bred again for a spring 2014 mini cria, as her babies are always favorites!

Rorschach - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Gustavo X Bolivian Mancha)
ILR# 276045, Birthdate: 9/16/08

Here is our soon to be Junior Herdsire! Notice the "inkblots" on this boy's face? As a result, we gave him the name of the famous inkblot test. He has incredible coloring and conformation as you can see as well as lots of energy! We expect him to maintain the calm personality of his dam & sire. His fiber is silky on his neck & somewhat curly throughout the body, similar to Gustavo. This guy promises to be a pasture standout & great herdsire to maintain Gustavo’s bloodline. He has been shown in 4-H & some Midwest llama shows, too!

RNDZVS Chablis - ***SOLD***
(HHL Big bear X WLF Charma Girl)
ILR# 251754 Birthdate: 8/28/2000

Here is another small female purchased from Justin Timm. She is 40 inches, but comes from a small line & we’ll see how she does bred to mini bloodlines. She has the sweetest disposition, as do her crias. That makes her a favorite with us! She appears PG, bred to Chilean Perfection.

FPL BeBe - ***SOLD***
(Cataclysm x SM Bellisima)
ILR# 276643 Birthdate: 6/15/2003

FPL BeBe was a birthday gift from my husband, and what a gift! She is a mini @ 38” & came to us with a female cria at her side. This girl is really sweet & I love her style. All her babies have the sweetest dispositions! Bebe gave birth to a gorgeous female by Argentine Giovanni in October. She remains for sale bred to the sire of your choice! We have left her open until spring, but we plan to breed her soon. This llama would never disappoint you. She is always easy to catch, do vet care & always looks ready for the show ring!

PVL Chilean Perfection - ***SOLD***
(PVL Height of Perfection X SSRMT Chilean Iron Butterfly)
ILR# 283267, Birthdate: 5/1/09

Chilean Perfection has been registered in the American Mini Llama Association as he has remained 38" at his third birthday. We have bred him to many of our females for spring 2013 crias and are excited to see if he can pass along his incredible locks to his babies.

Argentine Cha Cha Cha - ***SOLD***
Argentine Tico x Argentine Marimba
ILR# 279350 DOB 9-9-09

Our most recent purchase is full argentine female-Cha Cha Cha. She is a strong girl evidenced by the fact that she lost her mother at 2 days of age & Lynda Carothers was able to find another female who took her on as her own. She has grown well and now her original black has lightened to brown tones. She is bred to Giovanni for a Spring 2013 cria. She also may enter the 4-H program for this summer. Thanks to Lynda & Gary & Ann McCright for selling this beautiful girl to us!

BLLF Bolivian Solember - ***SOLD***
(Solar De Leon x Bolivian Rizada)
ILR# 252291 Birthdate: 10/20/03

Solember is a 39 inch maiden foundation female, born October 2003. She was purchased from Bonita Llama farm in CA. Although Solember is a foundation female, her dam is only 36", so she has the probability of throwing even smaller than she is herself. She has a gorgeous small male cria Fall of 2013 by Perfection.

GEM Ivory's Legacy - ***SOLD***
(FPL Bebe x Stage Stop Ebony & Ivory)
ILR# 281825 Birthdate: 9/15/10

This is the last cria out of Ebony & Ivory. We hope this little male will be a replacement herdsire. So far-he exhibits super conformation & a pleasant temperment like his daddy. With his immature status in AMLA, we hope to show him this year & see how he does. He will also be in 4-H this year, so will be learning lots of skills this summer!

DPDL Bijou Boy - ***SOLD***
DPDL Crown Jewells Prince X BLLF Bolivian Black Bijou
ILR# 281501 Birthdate: 6-18-10

"Beej" as we call this boy, is an outstanding 4-H team member. He has been shown at the county level and has made it to the State Fair 2 years in a row! Natalie, who shows him, has done a great job with him. And he is nice enough conformationally, he could have been kept as a herdsire, but we made the hard choice to geld him. The 4-H kids will benefit for years. We thank Julie Chapman from Dos Pondos Dos Llamos for her kind donation to our Goodhue County 4-H program!!

GEM Braveheart - ***SOLD***
Argentine Giovanni x Geisha’s Peaches
ILR# Pending DOB 1/26/2013

That is not a typo, this cute little guy was born in January on a 16 degree day! He was up, dry & nursing when we found him. Peaches is a great Mom, & took great care of him. He looks more like an argentine (check out his cute face!), but is small like his mini dam. He also has the super sweet personality of his sire.

Titan 2 - ***SOLD***
Midnight Mini x Perfection
DOB 09/13/2013

James Bonfire - ***SOLD***
Solember x Perfection
DOB 08/13/2013

The four Rudd's with Strawberry Patch

Bolivian Mancha - ***SOLD***
(Bolivian Hot Shot x Dancing Spirit Lady)
ILR# 229902 Birthdate: 3/14/01

A gorgeous girl out of Bolivian Hot Shot and Dancing Spirit Lady. Many of you know her sire was killed recently in a farm accident. He is well known in the mini llama industry for his ability to pass on incredible genes. Mancha exhibits those qualities. She is a Grand Champion Mini Llama! Although she reached a height of 39", she remains a foundation mini llama, with great genes and conformation. She is such a sweet girl, she bestows kisses on all who are within kissing range! See her most recent production, Rorschach-totally gorgeous! Mancha is bred to Chilean Perfection for a Fall 2013 cria.

PVL Chilean Skyla - ***SOLD***
Chilean Sky's the Limit X MS Mystical Girl
ILR# 279318 Birthdate: 5/27/09

Last year we lost a female cria out of Dolcetta by Sky’s the Limit. We were very upset as she was beautiful. This female was purchased to obtain that same herdsire bloodline. Sky is now a gelding so he will not be producing any more. He passes on incredible fiber and is small llama. This breeding female came with a female cria at her side: Little Carmella, by Jumanji. And she is bred back for another Jumanji cria next spring!

Gio's Pocahontas - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Giovanni x FPL BeBe)
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 10/6/12

What a surprise to find this dark female born on a cold winter morning. Mom is mostly white & has usually thrown white, but this girl is striking in her dark coat. Her facial patterns of black brown & white called for a unique name, therefore...Pocahontas. She has the supersoft fiber passed from her argentine sire & the most gorgeous curved ears. We could hardly believe Gio has given us a second stunner and a second female!

Argentine Giovanni - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Midas (ET) X Argentine Sisi)
ILR# 278475, Birthdate: 6/25/09

We've added Argentine Giovanni to the herd to expand our argentine bloodlines. Gio comes from an appaloosa background both sire and dam, so we are hoping for him to throw color onto his crias. His first crias are due Fall 2012. He has awesome heavy fiber and a calm disposition. Thanks to Crystal Chaddock for selling him to us.

Eim 'N Eim - ***SOLD***
Argentine Adikshun X Rain Shelly
ILR# 281383 Birthdate: 9-17-10

Eim 'N Eim is a 1/2 argentine stunner. Hi beautiful fiber is a result of his argentine connection and his yarn is some of the first to sell every year! He has been shown in 4-H 2 years running, so he is easy to manage. He likes to lead to pronking in the pasture, as result of his athletic build. He would make a good 4-H llama, fiber llama or even a guard llama.

DPDL Taboo - ***SOLD***
Argentine Diego X Stage Stop Vivo's Magic
ILR# 281386 Birthdate: 10-4-10

Taboo is also a donation to our 4-H program from Julie Chapman. He has had 2 years of experience so far &continues to do great things!! Olivia has shown him 2 years in a row both at the county and the state fair level. Go Taboo!!

GEM Chinook - ***SOLD***
(Stage Stop Ebony and Ivory X RNDZVS Chablis)
ILR# 281824 Birthdate: 8-10-10

This little guy came a bit early, and was running across the pasture as we first discovered him. Chablis always presents us with exciting crias. His fiber is outstanding: crimpy and fine. In addition to the black freckles on his face, I suspect he is a dilute appy with gray spots. I guess we won't know for sure until his first shearing!

GEM Bootzie - ***SOLD***
(WL Oreo Blizzard X Geisha's Peaches)
Birthdate 8-16-10 ILR Pending

This is NOT a little girl, but certainly a beautiful girl. Her sire is full size & she was 28# @ birth! She has statuesque presence & all the male crias we've had this year just love her!

CTF Rock Solid Ares - ***SOLD***
(CTF Newby x Chilena Lalolita)
ILR# 271311 Birthdate: 8/13/07

Look at the white chin & you’ll know the Grandsire is GNLC Ripcurl! He arrived unannounced, unexpected. & had the audacity to be running all over the pasture as we tried to catch him to weigh him & provide newborn care. Energy to burn! Out of CTF Newby from TX, we are pleased as can be. He looks just like his sire, born black, but now softening to a beautiful grey brown with black tips. With a birthweight of 16# we are hopeful he may stay small. If not, some lucky standard-size breeder may find that elusive pot of gold! He was grand champion in halter with Katie showing him in our local 4-H show last summer! He is great with kids in 4-H and also has extrememly nice fiber for fiber artists, or could be used as a guard, too!

DPDL King Oberon - ***SOLD***
(Bolivian Showtyme Xpress x Serenity Acres Centennial)
ILR# 271503 Birthdate: 5/26/07

Here is our first ever cria! What an exciting Memorial Day weekend. He finally arrived 3 weeks overdue, weighing 25# and was full of vim and vigor! His coloring could not please us more. A tri-color out of Showtyme Xpress (36") X Centennial (37.2"). Shown in 4-H last summer, he is easy to manage & his conformation & fiber is outstanding! This boy has suddenly had a growth spurt & is nearly 38 inches @ 2 years. This boy has a great personality & is very easy to handle.

Argentine Carmelita - ***SOLD***

Carmelita is our first full argentine girl from Linda Carother’s farm. She has some of the heaviest fiber I have ever seen! We are excited to add more argentines to the herd, as we have had a few crosses, but want more! Their calm temperment is a delight! And the yarn we get from them is an added plus! Thanks Linda!

Serenity Acres Centennial - ***SOLD***
(Serenity Acres Lightning Bolt x MW Lidia)
ILR# 247076 Birthdate: 2/07/03

Serenity Acres Centennial-Birth date: 2/17/03. One the sweetest llamas ever! So curious in the pasture and so inquisitive of new faces. Has been known to kiss total strangers! She has beautiful reddish brown fiber-very silky to the touch. Check out her gorgeous male cria born 5/26/07, Oberon. Though Centennial is AMLA registered at 37.2 inches, she has matured @ 39". This girl has awesome guarding qualities. Could be bred as she is still very young & healthy. We are not breeding her anymore as she throws full size offspring.

GEM Forrest Gump - ***SOLD***
(Peruvian Kismitt X Bolivian Solember)
ILR# pending Birthdate: 9/20/09

This very small male has a suri sire, but has curly, lanuda fiber. He is staying very small & has nice straight legs. He is calm as can be and could be purchased as a future miniature herd sire or would make a nice 4-H project animal, too.

Forrest & Bizmark heading to a new home in southern MN with John, Karla & family.

FPL Caberet - ***SOLD***
(MGF Cinnemax X RNDZVS Chablis)
ILR# pending Birthdate: 8/29/2009

Caberet attracts a lot of attention at the farm with her gray spots. She is always ready to greet newcomers to the pasture, with her friendly personality, which is just like her dam. I expect this gal to be a nice addition to our 4-H project & other shows, too. We hope she will stay small, but as her sire is not AMLA registered, she cannot be shown as a mini until we see what her size is @ 3 years of age. But we are very happy to add her our herd & I am looking forward to using her exquisitely soft fiber next year.

Harry Potter - ***SOLD***
(Stage Stop Ebony and Ivory x Midnight Mini)
ILR# pending Birthdate: 7/14/09

Another outstanding cria by Ebony & for the second time he has thrown gorgeous color. This cria’s name fits him, as he even has a bolt of lightning on his forehead! He is small & small & just what we have been hoping for! The fiber across his back is almost suri like & the rest is very silky. He appears to have the really nice conformation of his sire & he is out of my smallest & nicest females. It will be fun to watch this one grow!

Icarus - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Gustavo x Chilena Lalolita)
ILR# Pending Birthdate: 6/02/09

Icarus is out of the best fibered female I own and with an argentine dad, he will likely out do even his dam’s fiber quality. His conformation appears almost perfect, too. I would expect fiber artists will be very interested this boy, though I may want to keep him just for that reason. If you are looking for a male that will improve the fiber in your herd, this is the guy.

Titan Moon (M) - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Rio Rojo x Midnight Mini)
ILR# pending Birthdate: 6/27/08

What a surprise to get a white cria out of a black dam & dark red sire, but we are very pleased! He has a lot gray mixed into his fiber, making him look very sleek. He is as independent as they get and smart as a whip. After 2 halter trainings, he decided to quit fighting & just stood there & looked at us like he was saying “What now?” He has the coveted argentine fiber, so smooth & silky. Fiber artists will be scrambling for his fiber for sure! That is, if I’m willing to sell it (which I doubt!). Add a purple pack to this guy & he would look just like the new 2009 American Girl doll companion, which is a baby mini llama, Starburst!

Rollin' Thunder (M) - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Gustavo X Bolivian Solember)
ILR pending, Birthdate: 9/11/08

This little guy arrived on a gorgeous, warm evening with many attendants! It was exciting to watch his arrival. Only 19# @ birth, he was up & trying to nurse within a very short time. He has a beautiful face just like his daddy & silky fiber to boot! His red/black combination coloring goes along well with his name. Being 1/2 argentine, he will add bone & fiber to your herd once he is of age!

Argentine Gustavo - ***SOLD***
(Argentine Paco x Argentine Malin)
ILR# 203993 Birthdate: 7/20/98

We are SO excited to have purchased Argentine Gustavo from Carother’s Country Farm in Minnesota City. He is a 40 inch foundation size Argentine, direct from South America. He is an import & a healthy, robust male, with fiber to die for! As fiber quality is a priority for our farm, we decided to use his services for this reason. His fiber is crimpy, but fine, and so dense, you can hardly get your fingers through it to feel his skin! He also has a great personality. Calm & easy going, as the Argentines’ are known for. Plus his conformation is awesome. This male settles females in just one breeding & is so easy to manage, even for vet care. He provides one of the rarest Argentine bloodlines, as stated in Lynda Carothers Lamalink article this summer.

Spotted Jewell - ***SOLD***

DPDL Spotted Jewell-a Bolivian Crown Jewells' production! This little fellow holds our dreams of a future herdsire. Outstanding appy color and conformation and a personality that makes him approachable and loveable-what an outstanding combination! His sire's reputation as the best known mini herdsire in the US goes without saying. His dam is a 1994 model, with a known ability for producing high quality offspring. This picture was taken the first time I saw this handsome guy. He just walked up, posed, and almost smiled as I snapped this photo. Like he knows something is special about him. I think I know, too!