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The Minis: Females

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PVL Chilean Danica
(Unknown Bandit X Indian Ink)
ILR# 268311 Birthdate: 7/7/06

This female was added to our herd to expand our suri options. She has extreme suri fiber and is a proven mom with lots of milk. This fall she's given us a beautiful female appaloosa cria out of PVL Phoenix. We plan to breed her back to PVL Chilean Perfection for a full Chilean cria next fall.

GEM Hermoine
(Stage Stop Ebony and Ivory X Chilean Spanish Lace)
ILR# 280181 Birthdate: 6/14/09

Finally, a girl! And we have a beautiful one-a paint! 16# & full of energy. We were present for the birth event on a sunny afternoon. This little one always stays close to the other crias we’ve had this year. You can find them busy playing most anytime of the day, chasing & creating havoc with the others that are soon to be Moms, as most are due in early fall. Anyway-this one is a crowd pleaser, with great looks, color and conformation. We're looking forward to Hermoine's crias. Check out her first cria Bambini!

Geisha’s Peaches
(Harmony’s Favorite Son X G.L.L. Geisha)
ILR# 234571 Birthdate: 7/1/98

Peaches joined our herd late in the fall along with a nice male cria @ her side. She is 37 & ¾ inches & soon to be registered in AMLA. She has some older bloodlines with Dr. Doolittle on both the dam & sire’s side. She had a cria on January 23rd, 2013 by Arg. Giovanni! She is such a good Mom, she found the warmest section os the barn & he arrived safe & sound on a 16 degree day. She has nice size, fiber & coloring too! She will be bred again for a spring 2014 mini cria, as her babies are always favorites!

Midnight Mini
(Midnight Buckaroo x Nala’s Maggie Mae)
ILR# 271819 Birthdate: 9/30/04

Midnight is a 35 inch mature mini. In addition to her size, we are excited about her nice conformation, beautiful head & silky fiber. I’ll get a new picture in spring, as this girl looks so different now. We gave her a full body shear last year & found gorgeous silky, true black fiber! Due to the fact that midnight came to us with an injury to her back right leg, we will likely never sell her. She had a beautiful suri male cria in Fall of 2013. Once this little guy is weaned, we will likely breed her to Greystone.

Chilena Lalolita
(Luis El Bandido x MW Lola)
ILR# 250080 Birthdate: 11/9/02

Another true mini at 38 inches with Macho Camacho 3 generations back!! She has incredible fiber, with a single coat (no guard hair) and lots of crimp. She is covered with it from head to toe! Most visitors to the farm ask if Chilena is an argentine as she has such think fiber and an argentine-like face, but she is not argentine at all. Just plain beautiful! She has been bred to Lord Greystone for Spring 2014 cria.